We're here to teach you new skills, tools, and practices for healthy, fulfilling relationships filled with passionate connection, intimacy, and trust.

Join us to learn the practices of healthy passionately connected relationships from two of America's best-loved sex therapists.

Dr. Gina Senarighi, PhD

Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach, Author, Shame-Slayer

Gina has specialized in healthy boundaries, passionate relationships, and jealousy as an online couples counselor for 12+ years in private practice. 

She supports non-traditional couples all over the world as a retreat leader and award-winning certified relationship coach.

Connect with Gina:

www.heygina.com or on Instagram at @heyginasena

Julie Jeske

Sex Therapist, Couples Counselor, All-Around Delight

Julie Jeske has been supporting client's journey toward passionate connection, deeper desire, and greater relational fulfillment as a sex therapist in Portland, Oregon for over 12 years.

Her clients love her warm enthusiastic non-judgmental approach and her creative solutions to common relationship problems.

Connect with Julie:

www.juliejeske.com or on Instagram at @julie_jeske