Philosophies Guiding This Work


Our program is guided by several of our shared truths about relationships. We want you to know about them as we enter our work together.

  • You need to put effort and energy into building and maintaining your relationship
  • You need to invest in your aliveness and growth- and support that of your partner
  • We all want to know we matter, we belong, and we're special
  • We all have default settings, know yours and how to work with them to foster intimacy
  • You are not broken, systems around you often are
  • You deserve pleasure 
  • Your feelings are valid
  • You are responsible for your impact on and perspective of the world around you as well as your learning and growth

Use the questions below to reflect on your own guiding philosophies:

PHILOSOPHIES OF LEARNING PERSONAL REFLECTION - Gina Senarigh Coaching & Consulting 2021.pdf


Members are invited to the following and can have their membership revoked at any time for failure to meet these invitations.

  • I will engage in compassionate speech. This means I will not offer labels, judgments, evaluations, interpretations, or diagnoses about other people or their experiences. 
  • I will stop myself from giving others advice. Instead, I will empathize, share my own experience, or wait until I have worked through the clarity process. 
  • I will honor personal boundaries. Here are some examples of boundaries that help with community safety: 
  • When a member has said they don’t want to discuss something, I will refrain from asking more questions in that area and suggest another topic. 
  • I will refrain from judgment, diagnosis of others, or analysis. When I feel the impulse to offer a judgment, whether positive or negative, I will practice self-empathy, empathy, mirroring, or pause the discussion for further reflection.
  • Before sharing personal information that is tender and vulnerable I will discern whether or not the group can hold my experience with wisdom and compassion.
  • I will not attempt to give or receive mental health counseling to/from other members. 
  • I will practice the necessary self-care to participate fully when I do engage in this community.
  • I will reflect on my own level of reactivity before participating in a discussion.
  • To the best of my ability, I will identify reactivity when it is present and use the tools we are practicing to manage it.
  • I will turn to outside professionals, friends, or family or ask Gina for guidance if I need additional support. 
  • I understand that if my participation in the Relational Healing Circle is believed to be compromising the emotional or physical safety of community members that my membership can be canceled without a refund at any time.

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