Mindset for Learning

Tips for a successful experience:


Take it slow- You could choose to blow through this program in one sitting- but the best practice is to sit with it a few pages a day to let your awareness grow gently.

Open your mind- In order to create change we must first be open to it. But in my work with clients I notice a few blocks often get in the way. I wanted to warn you about these in case you encounter them as you work on your connection.

Think bigger- The single greatest limiting belief I encounter is an internal voice saying “I already know this” It’s true- some of the things we will go over may be lessons you have heard in the past.

My guess is if you stay open and curious as a learner you will find ways to integrate the lesson, and may learn at a deeper level this go around. Try it.

The simple truth is we rarely take time to intentionally apply the truths we know of relationships to our own lives or practices.

Instead of saying “I already know this” Ask yourself, “what can I learn from this”? Try to see the information from a new angle or with new appreciation each week.


Try, try again- A similar limiting belief can come in the form of “I already tried this” or “This won’t work for me” Instead, try to stay open and curious as a learner and ask yourself, “how can this work for me?”

Even if you have tried something similar before, you are a different person than you were then- and your ability to move toward happiness may be different now. Challenge yourself to try it out anyway.


Nothing is too simple- Finally, one of the other limiting beliefs clients encounter in this work is “this is too simple.” Strange but true, the ease of these practices leads many of us to take a relaxed approach when applying them.

When we think they’re too simple to make a real difference- and we are totally wrong. This process is filled with tiny tweaks you can do to make real changes in your relationship patterns. Don’t let the ease fool you- staying committed to this process will help you get and stay clear.

With that premise, the biggest secret to success with this tool is so simple you might roll your eyes- but try it out because it works: write it down.

Use the reflection guide below to consider what may help you honor these mindsets in our program

MINDSET FOR LEARNING PERSONAL REFLECTION - Gina Senarigh Coaching & Consulting 2021.pdf
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